In Response to COVID-19, Foundations Therapy has implemented the use of telehealth. We have partnered with, which provides a fully HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. This platform is browser-based and does not require the installation of any software, however it is best if used on a laptop or desktop with with either the Chrome or Firefox browsers. Mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads will work, though they are not ideal so please use laptop or desktop if possible. It is best if you can visit this link prior to your session to make sure you are able to use the platform.

Steps to Create Visuals

  1. Go to Google Images Here
  2. Put Item in Search Box
  3. Choose Picture, Right Click and Copy
  4. Open Microsoft Word and Paste Picture
  5. Resize Picture, Right Click, Format Picture
  6. Choose Line Color, Choose Black Save
  7. Repeat Steps for Additional Pictures

Pasos para crear presentaciones visuales

  1. Ir a Google Images
  2. Escriba el objeto que quiere buscar, en la caja que dice search.
  3. Escoja la foto del objeto, y haga clic en en el boton derecho del raton de la computadora, y escoja Copy.
  4. Abrir Microsoft Word y pegar (Paste) la foto en el documento.
  5. Cambie el tamano de la foto, y haga clic en en el boton derecho del raton, escoja Format Picture.
  6. Escoja color de la linea, y escoja negro, finalmente haga clic en save.